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As the legends go, the first Emperor was given power by the gods to rule over Tenkuni. His will was unquestionably followed and his desires regarded as the highest priority of the people. In return, he was given the task of maintaining the people’s happiness as they maintained his. For however long as he kept the people of his nation safe and prosperous, the gods would maintain and enforce the power gifted to the emperor and all those who followed in his bloodline.

Now the bloodline is weak. Rumor has it that life in the rural areas of the countryside where the members of the Third Tier live is wrought with misery, starvation and famine as the undredged rivers flood every growing season and droughts kill the crops that manage to survive the seasonal floods. The borderlands whisper of coming war with neighboring countries and what used to be a prosperous nation of trade has all but closed its doors to foreigners. In Tentei, the capital, these stories are nothing more than that: stories. The failing economy is a natural dip that will recover soon due to the advent of steam technology. The increase of refugees from the countyside is nothing more than the lower classes attempting to capitalize on the new world steam technology promises. The blasphemous claims against the emperor are the sputtered nonsense of madmen.

But even in Tentei there are dissenters. While many citizens continue their regular lives, the Imperialists support the Emperor and the traditional culture they have maintained for several thousand years, and there is a silent subversive movement among the First Tier to see a new dynasty replace the crumbling one. Among the Second and Third Tiers, there is an even more radical group that advocates for the people by promoting the implementation of a republican system and the dissolution of the old ways. All are vying for their own image of the future of Tenkuni.

The Mandate of Heaven is broken. Steam technology is changing our world. The tides can turn at any moment. Choose which future of our country you want to fight for, or simply live your life in these uncertain times.

All hail and long live the Emperor!


Long Live! is an alternate universe RPG based on the Anime/Manga series Bleach. Applications for canon Bleach characters are welcome, but we are not accepting applications for characters from filler arcs or original characters.

Applications and Reservations are currently OPEN.

Game will open June 3rd, 2009.

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JAYDEN : tsuyosaoboetai : aim - cstmxdgsn
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e-mail to longlivemods[at]gmail[dot]com

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Dec. 31st, 2008


I'm organizing my friends and communities because this name is going to officially be my community only SN (because I don't want to reapply to half of the comms I'm a part of). I have a new livejournal, I'll have that information behind a filter.

Obviously within the next day or so, if you don't see a post about my new LJ for you to friend, I didn't recognize who you are. For that I am very sorry! But if you think I might not know who you are for. . .whatever reason (lots of us have our pen names as our names and I'm like lakdjglajwat?) just leave a comment here~

EDIT: If you haven't updated your LJ in a month or more, I'm also removing you. Unless you say otherwise, cause. . .I like reading about peoples lives! YOURS IS TOO BORING IF IT'S NOT UPDATED

The Name Game

Today I had a conversation with my mom about the way of my computer future. We decided that I will probably be a Mac user completely sometime by March. So, instead of mom buying herself a new MP3 player and later buying me an iPod (because Darkwing, my Sansa, doesn't work on Macs) she's buying my iPod now and I'm giving her Darkwing. He's like brand new anyway since I take such good care of him. Anyway.

This is it! But now for a name????

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Oct. 30th, 2008

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The Story
What was once the Earth, filled with hundreds of countries, is now merely one. Mirai. Years have come and gone since humans walked alone with only friends or family. Now many walk a different path with special partners born with each new life onto the limited planet. Special children are born with a friend who will never betray, never compromise a dangerous situation. These beasts are called Sen’yuu and walk alongside the humans as equals until a special item is used to stow them away. It’s unfortunate that some creatures are large enough to require needing to be stored; this is not to say they must be. These Sen’yuu were all the same until a virus hit. An unknown virus with three particular branches; the Shinigami, the Vaizard, and the Arrancar. This virus separates the Sen’yuu from one another. Those infected have gained strength and give their masters the opportunity to use things called Spells. Often spoken, they can be used in battle but are outlawed by the police force.

However, not all is well in this small and thriving country. There is a secret government who follow one man’s rule. Sosuke Aizen, the leader of those with the Arrancar Virus. He has been planning since the start of the virus infection the demise of the country, wanting to take it over for himself. There are many following him, most of hidden name and origin, who mingle with the Shinigami and Vaizard infected, sitting and waiting for the time to strike. Under Aizen’s hand, he has scientifically created levels of the Arrancar Virus. The average Arrancar, whose Sen’yuu have small holes somewhere on their body and white, calcium based shapes by their faces, and the Espada. The Espada are the same as the Arrancar, except for one difference; their strength. There are only ten Espada created to fill his army and take on the ranks soon to be known as High Imperials. These are the humans who will help to take over the country following their leaders orders.
The Mods
AIM: whitextokusatsu
E-Mail: starry_starry_night (at) live.com

The Rules
-Must be 16
-Use proper English and grammer
-This community is open to all relationships
-Do NOT powerplay/godmod/marysue
-Respect others
-Read the FAQ

Questions? Comments? The full rules as well as the question and comment box can be found here.


Splintered Chapter One, Part One. A WIP. Tell me what you think if you read it!

Splintered Part Two of Chapter One. The opening chapter is now complete!

If you read them, feel free to leave comments. Good, bad, suggestions, errors you may have found! It's all helpful to me!
Pimping, because I can. Hah.

Goldfinch Academy, a private boarding school for children of 'unnatural' sexuality and gender, is a self governed school settled deep in the Ozarks of Missouri. Goldfinch prides itself on its ability to remain open without 'retraining' its students to send them off into the world. The nurturing environment instead lends to a free thinking society sheltered away from the cruelties slanted at their students genders and sexuality.

Its three sister schools have only recently been opened in California, Colorado, Minnesota, and New York catering to a wider base of children and young adults in need of a sanctuary.

Goldfinch Academy welcomes all students and staff, regardless of gender, age, sexuality, and hopes everyone who comes enjoys a feeling of safety, camaraderie, and happiness while they stay.

But how long can paradise last?
Today I realized that this is happening, that I'm moving on to another place. Mom told me as I cried that I had to spread my wings someday. I brought Kara a crap load of books, and while I had told myself not to cry, that I wouldn't cry, I did. After I left. But it was still very sad. She's one of my friends I most worry for, seeing as she has just an overall shitty living space. But it's getting better. I worry for her going into the military, or where ever it is she's going. She'll kick some total ass, though. Kara's always been a tough cookie.

I didn't want to say goodbye because that meant acknowledging that I'm leaving. But I'm going to think of this more of a long vacation and a "see you later" rather than "goodbye forever." It's not forever. It's until Christmas or next summer when I come back to visit dad and all of my friends. It's just a prolonged experience away from here.

My father is giving me a cookout/party thing on July fifth. Family will be there, but he said I could invite whomever I wanted as well. I've made a list, but I'm not gonna ask here obviously. I hope I don't have to worry about talking too much to one group or the other. Hopefully my friends will like that side of my family. They're all very good people, aside from Carol. My AUNT Carol will be there. That woman has had so many brilliant experiences in her lifetime. . .it's amazing to listen to her. Michelle would probably have a ball talking to her, seeing as she knows so much.

Hopefully Lydia won't be a brat. She's usually not. Neither is Maxxie. Dad is gonna set up the volleyball net, we could play Badmitton. Croquet. Horse shoes. He's doing his best to see me happy.

I want this party, to be able to see everyone, but I worry about crying. I know I will. Parties make things so. . .official.


Two more days until ma goes
So I'm trying to get rid of as much of my stuff as possible, and because I'm too lazy to sell it, I'm giving it away for free. If you pay for shipping/boxage, you can get the book(s) for free. I really don't care, and if you think it's dumb, okay. lol. I'm moving in a few weeks and just don't have time for eBay or whatever.

Here's a list of regular books, fantasy and fiction, in no particular order. If I have more than one series by the same author, they're separated by a comma. If they're stricken, it means you can't have them because they're gone!

Eragon and Eldest (Paolini)
The Faerie Path and The Lost Queen (Jones)
The Lightning Thief (Riordan)
Midnighters 1-3 (Westerfeld)
The Princess Diaries 1-8, 1-800-Where-r-you 1+2, The Mediator 1-5, Teen Idol, All-American Girl/Ready or Not (Cabot)
The Gun Seller (Laurie)
Mermaid Path (Mayall)
How I Stole Her Husband (Ireland)
Protector of the Small 1-3, Song of the Lioness 1-4, Wild Magic (Pierce)
Me vs. Me (adult), Frogs and French Kisses (teen) (Mlynowski)
The A-List (Dean)
Alice in Wonderland (Carroll)
Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging 1-5ish (Rennison)
The Sons of the Dark 1-4, The Daughters of the Moon 1-12, Sisters of Isis 1 (Ewing)
I Am Legend (Matheson)
101 Ways to Dance (Stinson)
Drama! The Four Dorothys (Ruditis)
Tithe (Black)
Dead Witch Walking (Harrison)
The Silver Kiss, Blood and Chocolate (Lause)
The Outcast of Redwall (Jacques)
Interview with the Vampire (Rice)
City of Stars, City of Masks (Hoffman)
Guitar Girl (Manning)
Wish Club (Stickland)
Fearless 1-7 + 9 (Pascal)
27 Girls in 7 Days (Bradley)
How to Win Friends and Influence People (Carnegie)


You can also request manga. I have quite a few.



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What Should I See?

A Chorus Line
The Little Mermaid
Avenue Q
Sunday in the Park with George
The Lion King
Mary Poppins